Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges brought by Federal, State, or Municipal agencies, we are focused on protecting your rights and providing you with zealous representation.  We do not take a one-strategy-fits-all approach to defending criminal matters.  The individual needs of our clients and the facts of each case call for a tailored defense to every matter that we handle.  Our careful analysis of the facts, individual client needs, and the nuances of each criminal matter enable us to determine the strategy that will bring our clients the best results.

We regularly appear before Federal and State courts (including municipal courts) throughout the States of New Jersey and New York.  We have extensive experience addressing a wide variety of criminal matters including, but not limited to, fraud, healthcare fraud, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, homicide, computer crimes, economic offenses, traffic offenses, and DUIs.  We are keenly aware that certain cases involve parallel proceedings before Federal Courts, State Courts, and professional licensing boards.  We are well equipped to defend our clients in this complicated maze.  Our firm also regularly employs top experts to conduct crucial independent investigations and to provide integral advice and testimony in each of our clients’ behalf.

Adams Buchan & Palo, LLC is dedicated to providing a detailed and persuasive defense for each of our clients.  We are mindful of our responsibility to protect your liberty and defend your rights.  No stone will be left unturned.   Our team approach to criminal defense allows us to devise creative, strategic legal arguments that limit our clients’ exposure, preclude conviction, and when necessary, facilitate an appropriate negotiated resolution.

From the first indication of criminal investigation or possible charges, we will diligently endeavor to assess our clients’ exposure and take action to minimize the disruption to the activities of each client during the pendency of the case.  It is always our goal to defeat impending charges before they are formalized by way of Complaint or Indictment.

Finally, we understand that going through a criminal investigation or prosecution is an overwhelming experience for many of our clients.  We make it our priority to keep our clients informed of the developments in their case, to guide them throughout the entire matter, and to be available when our clients’ need us.