Professional Disciplinary and Ethics Matters

Attorneys and Medical Professionals in New Jersey are held to high ethical standards.  Although the majority of Attorneys and Medical Professionals take their responsibilities to one another and the public very seriously, that is not always enough to insulate a professional from unwarranted scrutiny from disgruntled patients, or an investigation for unethical behavior or misconduct.  Responding to these allegations, even where those allegations are later determined to be without basis, is disruptive to a professional’s life and practice.

Adams Buchan & Palo, LLC knows that being accused of professional misconduct or unethical behavior is a troubling and serious issue for any Attorney or Medical Professional.  We are experienced in both representing Attorneys before District Ethics Committees, special ethics masters, the Disciplinary Review Board, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey, as well as representing Medical Professionals before the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners.

When facing serious disciplinary measures, which may include disciplinary measures as severe as suspension or revocation of a professional license, the proper handling of your matter in the early stages of its investigation is crucial to achieving the best possible result.   It is always our goal to attain the dismissal of these actions at the earliest stages of litigation. At Adams Buchan & Palo, LLC we have the experience necessary to effectively defend professionals facing allegations of misconduct and to take swift action to resolve grievances against our clients.  We know that the stakes are high in disciplinary and ethics matters, and we are prepared to tirelessly and responsibly defend each of the professionals that we represent.