Collaborative Divorce: A Path To Fair and Healthy Resolution

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative form of dispute resolution, designed to foster the resolution of divorce and family law related issues respectfully and equitably, without court intervention. It takes place outside of the court system. The goal is to reach a fair settlement without the pressure and uncertainties that accompany litigation.

Collaborative practice promotes respect and enables spouses to be in control of the divorce process. The process seeks to address each couple’s concerns, and advance each party’s interests without the intervention of the Court.

With a collaborative approach, each party selects an attorney of his/her own choosing, and commits to working outside of the court system to develop a settlement in the matter. Parties also include a mental health professional and financial professional in their team to assist in creating a final settlement that best addresses each family’s needs. Because the parties agree not to go to court, the process itself can be more open and less adversarial. The goal is to enhance communication throughout the process, place the parties on equal footing during settlement negotiations, and lay the groundwork for a healthier and more productive post-divorce relationship.

You can read more about how collaborative divorce gives parties more equal footing in divorce settlement negotiations here:

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